EXCOMM Meetings

Monthly meeting for the Executive Committee.  Bridge members and members-at-large are asked to attend.

ABCHH Change of Watch

The Launch at Skull Creek Marina

11/12/2020 6:00PM

Change of Watch (COW) will be held on Nov. 12 at The Launch, 5 Waterway Ln (Formally Windows on the Waterway) at Skull Creek Marina in Hilton Head Plantation.  The outside venue at The Launch is a safe place to have an in-person meeting as members can either be on the porch or be on the front lawn.  There will be no dinner.  Soft drinks, bottled beer, bottled wine, fruit drinks, snacks, etc. are available.


The COW will consist of Swearing in of Officers, a brief summary of our accomplishments this year, awards, etc. Casual dress.


Get a view of the island --- from the Atlantic!!   

11/17/2020 9:30 AM  

These cruises offer one of the most picturesque views of the island, seeing its entire stretch of beaches from a different perspective --- the Atlantic.  On our clockwise route, we’ll:

  • Use our “seaman’s eye” to establish Bay Point Island as a heading and later to aim for Palmetto Dunes.

  • Practice shallow water tactics when we round Joiner Bank and when we pass by Barrett Shoals.

  • See the pristine shoreline of beautiful South Beach, said to provide the island’s best dolphin-watching.

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