Upcoming Events at a Glance

Using VHF & VHF/DSC Marine Radio Seminar

Online Event


Get familiar with your boat's VHF marine radio in just two hours.  Experienced instructors teach you how to use VHF radio like a pro, including the new digital selective calling (DSC) rescue feature.

EXCOMM Meeting

Online Event


Monthly meeting for the Executive Committee.  Bridge members and members-at-large are asked to attend.   

Tides and Currents

Online Event


Cruise confidently in coastal waters, secure in your knowledge of tidal conditions.  Even if you are an inland boater, you may travel to an area where knowing about tides and tidal currents is important.  Discover what causes the tides to rise and fall and what causes the currents to flow. Learn where to find sources of information about tides and tidal currents, simple ways to predict height of tide and speed of current flow and how to use both print and electronic tide tables.  Learn about how tides and currents affect your boat’s performance from experienced coastal boaters.

Partner in Command Seminar

Online Event


Are you a crew member or passenger who has no idea what's going on during a boat trip?  Learn the essential skills you will need to help the skipper safely operate a recreational boat, including how to respond in an emergency.

America's Boating Class

The Boathouse - Ridgeland


Gain basic boating knowledge to become a more competent boater, enjoy safe boating, and potentially qualify for discounts on boating insurance. 

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